Thursday, November 3, 2011

You Are Special Today

Have you ever come across a friends tradition you thought was really cool and really wanted to steal?
For example, the Greek. They have some seriously cool traditions! Incredible party people "Opa!"

Or some people go boating every summer. Or Disneyland is another.

One of the coolest families I ever got the privilege to grow up with, the Lockharts, held a ton of traditions.
One thing you need to know about the Lockharts. They're grounded on tradition and family and most of all, God.
Now I grew up with a lot less tradition, but we had some, nonetheless.

But when we received this plate as a wedding gift from the Lockhart's grandparents we got an entire inherited history that they passed on to us.
To be honest, I didn't know what the plate was or what it meant when I opened the gift. I obviously knew there was something there, but what... I had no idea. When I mentioned it to any one of the Lockharts (and trust me, there are a quite a few) they spoke with reverence and said "IT'S TRADITION!!!!"

Every birthday from here on was not meant for restaurants, but meant for having a close intimate dinner with brothers and sisters and mom and dad and the meal you thought was the best you had all year. But that wasn't the best part... you got to have the plate. The red plate that only comes out on someones birthday. The plate that reminds you... YOU ARE SPECIAL TODAY.

I must admit, the Lockharts, Del and Nina, gave us one of my favorite things. A wool blanket that saves me every year when the temperature drops below 0. The Lockharts parents {(Pop and Gram) that used to bring huge brown bags of popcorn filled with surprise candy bars for each one of us kids} ....gave us tradition.


Anonymous said...

L@@king forward to you getting back to blogging, but I guess you are to busy kicking a$$ and l@@king HOT at the gym! Daddy LIKE!

Anonymous said...

A little birdie told me you were available, I'm sorry that you are getting divorced, but am excited for your future and new adventures! Daddy still LIKE!